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Yoga Stretches


How do I Sign Up and  Check-IN?

You can reserve classes through our website While its not required it'd be nice if you'd be a VIP and pre-reg for your class!

 The Spot opens for check-in 5 minutes before Start Time. Every Teacher at Elevate gets life, so we allow you to check-in up until 15 minutes after scheduled class starts. 

When you roll up smash the RING button to let us know you're here (if no one answers text 2172045286) and get ready to catch the vibes!

What is a Typical Class Experience?

While we Post-up 1hr Class times the total sesh & flow social experience tends to last about 90 minutes and includes:

Pre-Class Check In: When we let you in.

Sesh Start Time: Sesh before the Go

Actual Class: Go Time!

Post Class Social: Hang a bit for Munchies!

All Classes are #cannabisfriendly BYO style and require you to meet Rec/Med Legal age requirements of 18+ with Med Card 21+ Rec to attend.

Sesh pieces available on site for use!

Do I have to "sesh"?

Nope! We are cannafriendly but not cannarequired. Sesh hasw a dedicated room adjacent to the studio room. If you wish to avoid the sesh simply enter the space from our studio doors located at the front of the space. For seshers head to the back!

Where do I park?

Parking is conveniently located right on Grand either through meter, the pay lot across the street from us, or free praking along the sides of us!

What Do I Bring?

We provide all things needed for class all you gotta do is roll up with you and your bud!

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