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Dope Yoga (Teacher) Trainings

Are you a passionate individual with a love for yoga and an interest in exploring the synergy between yoga and canna? Look no further! Our 200-hour cannafriendly go at your own pace yoga teacher training program is designed specifically for the dynamic and open-minded cannafam that live hustle and grind and still want to make time to elevate their lives!


Our program combines the traditional teachings of yoga with a modern twist of having the freedom to do it at your pace! This comprehensive training will empower you to become a certified yoga teacher while exploring the unique relationship between canna mindfulness and self.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Yoga Foundations: Dive deep into the fundamental principles of yoga, including asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and philosophy.

  • Cannabis Education: Gain knowledge about cannabis history, strains, consumption methods, and potential therapeutic benefits in the context of yoga and meditation.

  • Cannabis-Enhanced Yoga Practices: Experience and learn how to guide yoga classes that integrate cannabis as a complementary element to enhance relaxation, body awareness, and connection.

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Understand the physical and energetic aspects of the human body, including how cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

  • Teaching Methodology: Develop essential teaching skills, including sequencing, cueing, and creating inclusive and accessible yoga classes for diverse populations.

  • Business and Ethics: Learn about the professional and ethical aspects of being a yoga teacher, including studio management, marketing, and maintaining a safe and supportive environment.

  • Guest Speakers and Workshops: Engage in enlightening discussions with industry experts, yoga teachers, and cannabis professionals to broaden your understanding and perspective.


Certification and Opportunities:
Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification, enabling you to teach yoga classes with or without the inclusion of cannabis and to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200RYT level. This certification opens doors to various career paths, including teaching at yoga studios, wellness centers, cannabis-friendly events, private sessions, and more.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery, community, and exploration. Embrace the union of yoga and cannabis in a way that resonates with spirit. 

This training is go at your own pace meaning you can embark when you’re ready! 


How to start:

1. Sign up and pay for the YTT portion of the program here!


Registration Fee:

The fee to register is $150. This fee covers the cost for course manual and training fees I have to pay to Yoga Alliance to teach this program.


2. Sign up for your DYTs! Courses for the program are offered consistently throughout the year so that you always get a chance to get your hours in! While the program is based off of a choose your own adventure model there are a few required courses you must complete in order receive YA certification! 

These courses are: 

  • Strike a Pose: Foundational Skills

    • ( x3) 15hrs of In Studio Work + 15 Hours of homestudy = 30 Hours

      •  - students must complete all 3 rounds of lectures ( flexion/extension, lateral/transverse, neutral) of this asana and techniques workshop to be YA good. 

  • Strike a Pose: Level Up

    • 2 day long workshop. 10hrs of In studio work + 10 Hours of Homestudy = 20 Hours 

  • Ethics of a Dope Yogi

    • 2.5 Day long Workshop 20hrs In Studio work + 10hrs home study = 30 Hours

  • Chakras & The Subtle Body

    • 7-2hr classes + 6hrs of Home study = 20 Hours

  • Dope Yoga Anatomy

    • 2.5 Day long Workshop 20 hours in studio work + 10 hours home study = 30 hours

  • The Art of Assists

    • 2 day long workshop 10hrs in studio work + 10hrs home study = 20 hours

  • Dope Lingo: Cueing and Communication

    • 2 day long workshop 10hrs in studio work + 10hrs home study = 20 hours

  • Elevate the Game: Sequence Skills

    • 1 day long work shop 5 hours in studio + 5hrs home study = 10 hours

  • The Yoga Biz: Business Ethics/Practices 

    • 1 day long workshop = 5hrs ​

  • Practicum 10hr (7 hrs Class developement and execution + 3hrs Exams)

    • Students will develop three (3) yoga sequences utilizing the set of skills learned throughtout the program in order to receieve RYT certification

      • Class 1: Students will develop one (1) 30 minute yoga sequence of workshop and guided pranayama, pratapana, and flow (no peak) of their choice to be taught to peer students. Observation and Feedback will be provided by both Lead Instructors and Peers.

      • Class 2: Students will develop one (1) 60 minute all levels sequence to be taught to students in the local community in free community classes. Feedback will be given via feedback forms given to students who participated in the class as well as observed and evaluated on skills learned in the program

      • Class 3: Students will develop one (1) 45 minute sequence to be taught as a Seva Class with all Proceeds Benefiting a local non-profit of the students choice. Observation and Feedback will be provided by both Lead Instructors and Peers. Evaluation will be based on all skills learned through the training and count towards 20% of the final examination grade.

    • Quizzes

      • Students will complete two (2) review quizzes and one (1) Final Exam.

        • One will be at the completetion of all Strike a Pose 50hrs. The other at the completion of Anatomy/Sequencing/Ethics.

        • These quizzes will be graded and returned to students to use towards the final exam that will be completed virtually.

        •  Students must score at least 70% on the Final Exam to pass the course with the opportunity to retake as needed. 

  • Independent Study: Take/Observe/Assist in addition to required hours above students must complete personal enrichment requirements below to receive 200hr RYT certification.

    • Students will take and observe twelve (12) yoga classes at Elevate Well STL from a list of approved instructors.

    • Students will assist in six (6) yoga classes at Elevate Well STL with Sarah Fuhrmann after completion of the Art of Assists

    • Students will take and observe eight (8) yoga classes outside of Elevate Well STL from a list of recommended yoga instructors in the community for compare and contrast experiences as well as from peers for peer evaluation.

  • Upcoming Training Dates: HERE

3. Start Learning! 

When you’re ready to join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery, community, and exploration, Embrace the union of yoga and cannabis in a way that resonates with spirit just finish the reg process and roll up!

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